Life Update: August 19 2017

Aug. 19th, 2017 08:31 pm
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 With moving and all, writing has gone out the window for the past couple weeks. But honestly this happens a lot to me. I write in spurts. I blame my high school self for using up most of my writing energy by writing all the darn time. But hey, I pretty much learned on my own in high school how to piece stories together so that's a positive look on that. 

I have moved to Colorado for graduate school. Its so very different from Florida. For one, there are mountains. The land is not Flat nor is it Sea Level. I am starting to get adjusted to the altitude. I have a lovely view of the mountains from my new apartment's patio. I did go hiking last weekend for a little bit, but I hadn't yet acclimated to the altitude so I didn't last super long. But the landscape here is gorgeous??? Florida is pretty in a very different way. Here it's more on a grand scale. Think like high fantasy scenery. 

user standing on rocks on a hiking trail with mountains behind them

My mother snapped this photo of me while I wasn't looking. Classic photographer pose. 

I started working at the university's natural history collections as a graduate assistant last week. My graduate classes will start the end of August. I'm in the entomology section since my focus is bugs. I'm currently working on curating an donation of grasshopper specimens. However I've explored other sections of the collections. I was shown the basement that houses the fossil collections and got to touch a triceratops vertebrae! That was pretty neat. I also got to see bear specimens in our walk in freezer that will be turned into skeleton and tissue samples by the vertebrate zoology section as well as one of the collection assistant in vertebrate zoology pickle some rodent specimens. I'm pretty excited because I'm a happy duck when I'm involved in museum and natural history work. It's much like working in a library, but your books are dead things instead. 

grasshopper specimens in a tray

These are my grasshoppers. The donator was a Dr. Willey, so sometimes my supervisor and I call them willies. This poses a problem when they need to go in the freezer so they don't get pests in because our sign on them would be "Friday Willey Freezer " which uh sounds NSFW when we say it aloud to other people who want to know what we're putting in the walk in freezer. 

The bus system is fantastic here and I have been able to explore several places. The public library here is amazing. They have a maker space with sewing machines, tools, and 3D printers. The main library has a lovely cafe as well as bee hives, several community gardens, a theatre, and an art gallery. I also have stopped at several coffee shops in search of the best chai latte close to campus. My favorite tea shop so far is the Dushanbe Tea House. It is gorgeous and has great food and a thai tea that is so very worth the gastrointestinal distress. 

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